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    S.A.Repack @ (FULLHACK)

    Mbah nya PB
    Mbah nya PB

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    S.A.Repack @ (FULLHACK)

    Post by IrWaN_(SeMpAk_LoVeRz)™ on Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:11 am

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    F2= hack grade
    F3= hack title
    F4= hack title
    F9= auto minimize
    F10= off minimaze


    F11= Free Weapon mode [on]
    F12= Awp Weapon Mode [off]
    (masih masa percobaan)


    F1=eastern road
    Num1= library
    Num2= burning hall
    Num3= lux ville
    Num4= mstation
    Num5= training camp
    Num6= Downtown
    Num7= mini indonesia
    Num8= (jamu) down
    Num9= midtown
    Num0= kick point

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