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    Ferrari Virtual Academy (2010) iND

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    Ferrari Virtual Academy (2010) iND

    Post by Dayz on Sun Dec 05, 2010 8:20 am

    Ferrari Virtual Academy (2010) iND || 146.703 MB (153,829,305 bytes) || Games/PC Rips

    Ferrari Virtual Academy offers you an
    exclusive opportunity: using your PC you
    can have fun and practice driving the F10
    comparing for the first time your
    performance with the fastest laps driven
    by numerous Ferrari fans from all over
    the world and the Scuderia Ferrari drivers
    with the same simulators. Learn about
    Felipe Massa's, Fernando Alonso's and
    Giancarlo Fisichella's secrets regarding
    racing line and driving techniques!
    But there is more: participating in the
    tournament you will become part of a
    worldwide competition, where every week
    the fastest drivers will be awarded
    official Ferrari products.

    1. Install Ferrari Virtual Academy.

    2. Copy and replace original exe with
    cracked one.

    3. Use any (fake) email/serial
    combo to login!

    If after selecting the map, setting up
    the game & pressing ok button you get:
    "Another computer is logged with your
    ***" error - don't worry,
    just re-login again with same details
    select the same map, set up the race
    and press ok - this time will work.

    hotfile.com Ferrari_Virtual_Academy_2010_iND.part1.rar.html%3Cbr
    hotfile.com Ferrari_Virtual_Academy_2010_iND.part2.rar.html%3Cbr

    fileserve.com XFuveYv/Ferrari
    fileserve.com kPWc8WX/Ferrari
    fileserve.com TJhW4Aw/Ferrari

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