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    Lego Racers 2 PC Rip

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    Lego Racers 2 PC Rip

    Post by Dayz on Sun Dec 05, 2010 7:04 am

    Lego Racers 2 PC Rip | 230 mb
    Genre: Racing Driving Action | Pc Game
    Publisher: LEGO Media | Developer: Attention to Detail (ATD)

    This lighthearted racing game lets players build their own cars from virtual Lego pieces and race around a variety of different tracks.What's more to say u can create you're own cars with lego blocks and also you're own legomen/women.
    There are alot of secret shortcuts ingame and it's possible to play with 2 players!

    vehicle out of tiny Lego blocks. Then, imagine hurling it against a wall, watching it shatter into its component pieces in a shower of colorful plastic. If you've ever wondered what that might look like, you can see it in Lego Racers 2, a racing game aimed at children but suitable for adults looking for some zany, Super Mario Kart-like action.

    Race your block-vehicle across landscapes that would look at home in LegoLand, including a jungle and the surface of Mars. You can design your own racer out of Legos, but don't be upset when it disintegrates after ramming into a wall or plummeting down a cliff. Over-the-top power-ups such as rocket bombs and homing missiles are plentiful, adding to the plastic carnage. There are also bonus rounds and an adventure mode that lets you roam around the game world between races, looking for those elusive Golden Bricks.


    OS : Windows xp/7 32 Bit
    Pentium II 266MHz
    64MB RAM


    hotfile.com Lego.Racers.2.pc.part1.rar.html
    hotfile.com Lego.Racers.2.pc.part2.rar.html


    fileserve.com N4ZGh2C
    fileserve.com bcDAVYz

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